Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021 Wrap-Up

Our second annual Freedom Technology conference in review

Saturday, April 10th

2021 was a smashing success! We more than doubled our attendance and number of speakers. Last year we had one sponsor. This year, we had five. We also had more exhibitors with such cutting-edge products and services that we nearly ran out of room due to all the interest from attendees. In 2020 our silent auction raised $1,576. This year, $2,150! We donated all proceeds to Deterrence Dispensed.

We recorded all the talks. We’re hoping to release the videos along with the speaker slides soon.

Sunday, April 11th

This year’s Sunday Gunday brought more 3D-printed guns and more shooters. We held the first-ever 3D Printed Firearm World Championship. We had three categories, with each winner receiving $200 in bitcoin.

Several filming crews came to capture the 3D Printed Firearms World Championship. Sean with “The 3D Print General” released the following video.

Spring 2022

After the conference, we sent out a questionnaire asking for feedback and suggestions for the 2022 conference. To make next year’s event even better, we’re considering the following changes.

  • Two days of conference talks instead of one. These would occur on a Friday and Saturday.
  • In-depth, hands-on, two-hour workshops to learn practical skills such as setting up a 3D printer, coinjoining bitcoin to improve privacy, fixing and refining 3D printer settings, trading bitcoin peer-to-peer, and more.
  • A Saturday night after party. This will depend on sponsorships.
  • Change the name of the conference “Guns N’ Bitcoin 2022”.

Do you have any suggestions for next years conference? Contact us.

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