September 19 & 20 – Austin TX

+ Hear from designers and engineers using distributed manufacturing, such as CNC and 3D printing

+ Build a small community free from interference, with friendships and freedom tech

+ Learn how to protect your personal and business sovereignty against mobs and censors

+ Win silent auctions supporting the Firearms Policy Coalition and BTCPay Server Foundation

+ Enjoy a Sunday morning of target shooting at an outdoor range surrounded by trees


Distributed, open source, and DIY manufacturing technology for self-defense tools.

Legal, political, and financial implications of cheaper, unregistered weapons.

Using Bitcoin to combat financial censorship.


Bitcoin hardware, strategies for maximum privacy, tools for censorship resistance, and moving to a fiat and KYC free Bitcoin economy.

We will also feature a “Satoshi Square” – a place and time for people to buy and sell small amounts of bitcoin.


Of what purpose and power can freedom technologies give us without a network of peers and friends with like-minded values to share them with?

The word “community” is thrown around a lot. But at a small scale, and opt-in, communities can excel where a lone individual would fail.


9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Venue emailed to attendees one day prior. Location is near St. John’s neighborhood.

You’ll gain practical knowledge through a combination of speakers, demos, panels, and exhibitions by experts in topics including Bitcoin for censorship resistance, 3D gun printing, fighting gun control, personal security, and more. We’ll leave plenty of time to meet your Keybase and Twitter friends, have in-depth conversations with the speakers, and enjoy the company of your fellow gun nuts and crypto weirdos.


Ivan The Troll

(Via Skype) Ivan is a prolific developer, tester, and outspoken advocate of DIY guns and distributed manufacturing.

He developed various 3D printed Glock magazines and the Plastikov 3D Printable AKM-Pattern receiver. Ivan has thoroughly tested and contributed to the FGC-9 developed by JStark 1809.

Ivan has also refined the electro chemical machining method of making a DIY 9 mm rifled barrel.


Julia was one of the first “Bitcoin evangelists” and is the author of “The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence.”

She runs the YouTube channel “Brave The World” where she talks Guns, God, Government, and everything in-between.

Julia is a provocateur, a deep and broad thinker with a sharp wit.


Incarbonite has built fourty four 3D printed guns, not including some failed or unused receivers. He has tested these guns with approximately 8,000 rounds.

Incarbonite has also made approximately fifteen printed Glock magazines, and did the verification of the AR mag extensions.

Incarbonite quietly works behind the scenes on Keybase to keep the innovation moving forward and assists others in their efforts.

Jeff Rodriguez

Jeff designed and continues to develop the Liberator 12k design platform. It offers various calibers such as .357 and .44 Magnum rounds in a pump action zigzag revolver. 

He created the GARCAD printers.

Jeff introduced electro chemical machining to DIY barrel making. 
He also produced 3D printed shotgun shells and works on Nicrome primers for ammunition

Vinh Nguyen

A would-be illustrator turned software engineer, Vinh got an unexpected introduction into amateur gunsmithing when his coworkers accidentally showed him the wonders of 3D printing and computer-aided design.

Now channeling his creative energy into the third dimension designing guns, Vinh makes experimental weapon designs with an air of playfulness.

JStark 1809

(Via Skype) JStark 1809 is best known for developing the FGC-9, a 3D printed firearm that that does not use any gun parts in its construction, making it a gun anyone can acquire the parts to build – even in Europe. This is at least 15 years ahead of US gun regulation efforts, and undoes those already in place across the world. 

He’s an American at heart but living behind enemy lines in Europe, where he works to liberate himself and his fellow Europeans from the tyrannical gun laws enacted upon them. 

A.G. Leaks

A.G. Leaks goes behind enemy lines to expose and sometimes stop the dirty secret tricks of anti-gun extremists in the media, government, and tech companies. 

He describes himself as a “Troll, reply guy, trouble-maker, hater of censorship”. He often does the jobs no one else want or can do.

A.G. will be featured in an upcoming documentary on the evolution of 3D printed guns, starting with Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed to the present with Deterrence Dispensed designers.


CTRL+Pew, most notable for the LoPoint pistol, has become a prominent advocate for DIY firearms in the social media space.

His current efforts are focused on bringing interested individuals into printing with a thorough getting started guide, funding future development with the bounty program and eCommerce ventures, and developing projects to further the reach and relevance of the 3D freedom-tech community.

Austin Jones

Austin is the cofounder and chief engineer of Atlas Arms and developer of the Dagny Dagger project.

He cofounded and invented 20/20 Armor and designed anti-meteoroid soft armor for spacecraft.

Austin develops new technology in conjunction with political and economic awareness to ensure long-term strategic efficacy from the ground up.


Chief Range Officer at Guns N’ Bitcoin.


To give financial support to those defending the right to bear arms and building a Bitcoin economy, we’re holding a silent auction, with 100% of proceeds being split between the Firearms Policy Coalition and Deterrence Dispensed developers. If you or your organization would like to donate, please contact us with a description, minimum bid, and a photo representing the good or service.

Donated by GnB

Power Pack

A Scorpion Case, hat, and sticker pack. Retail value is $134.

Donated by Ivan The Troll

FGC9 parts kit

An assembled firing pin, mounted ECM cut barrel, bolt assembly welded and roughly shaped, mag catch spring, and secondary recoil spring. Value is approximately $60 in parts and 10 hours of work.

Donated by CTRL + Pew

Combo Pack

2 Free Shirts from the CTRL+Pew shop, a C9 build kit, and an AR15 LPK. Retail value is $120



8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Venue emailed to attendees one day prior

On Sunday we’ll go to an outdoor range to do some target shooting and have some fun with your new #BAB2020 friends.

Registration includes the cost of ammo, paper targets, hearing and eye protection, and a variety of guns rented from the range. You are also free to bring your own equipment.

Sorry, no 3D printed guns allowed : (



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We encourage you to buy your ticket with bitcoin, use a pseudonym, and an email address without personally identifying information, or even better, an email address you create solely for this event. We will check you in to the event with the email address you used to purchase the ticket(s). We will not have a list of names or pseudonyms, (and thus we will not ask for ID).

If you pay with bitcoin, you don’t need to enter a billing address at checkout. For the mailing address, you can make up an address, since your ticket won’t be mailed.

We are welcoming to people who will wear surgical masks, sunglasses, hats, fake beards, or anything else to protect their identity. Photography, video, and sound recording are strictly prohibited. We will not record any sound or video of the event.

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