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6: Homemade Armor Piercing Ammo – Austin Jones

We will obsolete regimes of control with technology.

Today’s guest is the Nicola Tesla of ammunition. Austin Jones is the Cofounder and Chief Engineer at the non-profit research organization Atlas Arms. Their first concept in development is the Dagny Dagger project – a new type of legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition which in 9mm Luger is able to penetrate all soft armor and some rifle-rated hard armor. This will allow citizens the first legal access to armor-penetrating ammunition since 1986.

5: Come and Print It – Ivan The Troll

3D printing makes it cheaper and easier to make your own gun.

Ivan The Troll has emerged as one of the most prolific, innovative, and controversial members of Deterrence Dispensed, a decentralized 3D gun printing group built in the image of Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed. Multiple social media companies have banned him from their platforms. In response, he and other members of Deterrence Dispensed have migrated to encrypted chat and file sharing applications. Ironically, these apps have enabled greater innovation, testing, and sharing of 3D printed guns and files.

4: Freedom Tool To Accept Payments – Pavlenex

BTCPay Server is a freedom tool to accept bitcoin payments.

In this episode you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of BTCPay Server and an admiration for a bitcoin builder. If you’re an online merchant, what do you do if PayPal closes your account? If you’re an entrepreneur, how can you crowdfund your idea if Kickstarter won’t allow your product? What if Patreon closes your account because they find your political opinions objectionable? If you’re a freelancer living in Iran, how can you get paid while the the US enforces its economic embargo?

3: Update Your Philosophy – Brave The World

Being left alone is not enough, update your philosophy.

If you aren’t offended by at least one remark by today’s guest, you’re not listening close enough. Julia Tourianski, known as “Brave The World” and “Your Hydra” is a provocateur, early bitcoiner, a “trad life” mother and wife, a deep broad thinker with a sharp wit. In this episode we take quick dives into deep topics.

2: Behind Enemy Lines – A.G. Leaks

Don’t respect the system that disrespects you.

Our guest today is “Anti-Gunner Leaks”. He’s goes behind enemy lines to expose and sometimes stop the dirty secret tricks of anti-gun extremists in the media, government, and tech companies. He’s funny, passionate, and loves to fight. If you ever meet him in a bar, buy him a beer.

1: Intro to Guns N’ Bitcoin – Ragnar and Chanel


For this inaugural episode we introduce ourselves, discuss our philosophy, and cover our future guests and topics.