22: Bitcoin 3D Printed Gun Fun – CTRL+Pew

22: Bitcoin 3D Printed Gun Fun – CTRL+Pew

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Laughter is ammo and bitcoin funds it

Today’s guest is CTRL+Pew, can you figure out the meaning of his pseudonym? If so, you’ll understand his humor and zest for spreading freedom and fun with 3D printing and bitcoin. We sit down with CTRL Pew to discuss a few of his projects and also dip into some commentary, including:


  • CTRL + Pew’s HiPoint 3D printed pistol and 3D Printable AR15/AR9 80% receiver milling jigs. How 3d gun printing lowers the cost of guns, and thus allows more people to exercise their right to bear arms
  • Designing a 3D printed narwhal tusk as a political statement and a tool for Londoners to defend themselves from future Jihadist terrorism
  • Using a bitcoin bounty to motivate people to make a DIY gun barrel using ECM
  • How some Bitcoiners are out of touch with the poor and and can harm bitcoin usage by using it only for speculation
  • Selling 3D printed gun accessories to fund development


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