4: Freedom Tool to Accept Payments – Pavlenex

4: Freedom Tool to Accept Payments – Pavlenex

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BTCPay Server is a freedom tool to accept bitcoin payments.

In this episode you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of BTCPay Server and an admiration for a bitcoin builder. If you’re an online merchant, what do you do if PayPal closes your account? If you’re an entrepreneur, how can you crowdfund your idea if Kickstarter won’t allow your product? What if Patreon closes your account because they find your political opinions objectionable? If you’re a freelancer living in Iran, how can you get paid while the the US enforces its economic embargo?

The solution to all of these questions is BTCPay Server, an open source bitcoin payment project. In this episode we speak to Pavlenex, an entrepreneur and prolific contributor to BTCPay. He explains how BTCPay helps you route around financial censorship. With BTCPay server, you can accept bitcoin, create invoices, crowdfund, accept donations, accept Lightning Network payments, create a secure wallet, and set up an alternative to Patreon.

Pavlenex exemplifies many qualities we admire. Years ago he wanted to buy some bitcoin themed t-shirts. When he didn’t find any he liked, he started a company, Bitcoin Shirt Co, to make designs he did like. Pavlenex wanted to accept bitcoin, but he didn’t want to use BitPay as a payment processor because it violated the ethos of bitcoin. Yet the only other option, BTCPay Server, was new and difficult to use at the time. Rather than take the easy route of using BitPay, or complain about BTCPay, Pavlenex contributed to making BTCPay better by giving the developers feedback, testing, and making many how-to videos.


  • Comparing PayPal to BTCPay Server
  • How to use BTCPay to accept bitcoin payments
  • Other BTCPay apps: Invoicing, accepting donations, crowdfunding, micropayments, and an alternative to Patreon
  • Using BTCPay as a secure wallet
  • Advantages of open source software and decentralized projects versus closed source and centralized companies
  • The story of evil BitPay and the genesis of BTCPay Server
  • How to contribute to BTCPay Server’s funding, development, testing, and usage