Firearms Championship Competitor Ticket 1/Category


One ticket per category. If you want to enter two categories, buy two tickets. If you want to enter three categories, buy three tickets. You must also be registered for the conference. 

The email you provide is important. To gain admission to the event we will ask you for the email address you used to register. We cannot look you up by your name or other information.

All sales are final and no refunds are allowed.


For maximum privacy, we encourage you to buy your ticket with bitcoin, use a pseudonym, and an email address without personally identifying information. Also you don’t need to enter a billing address at checkout. For the mailing address, you can make up an address, since your ticket won’t be mailed.

We will check you in to the event with the email address you used to purchase the ticket(s). We will not have a list of names or pseudonyms, (and thus we will not ask for ID).