Scorpion Case


If bitcoin is a Swiss bank account in your pocket, how are you protecting your bank? Storing bitcoin on a hardware wallet is a good start. But they are prone to being misplaced, stolen, or damaged by water, heat, dirt, and physical forces.

Adding a PIN and/or passphrase to you wallets makes makes it harder for a thief to steal your funds. As does using multisig transactions. But some wallets can still be hacked if an attacker can gain physical access. Even more frightening, a criminal can break into your house and demand you provide the passphrase or perform the multisig transactions so that he may steal your bitcoin, and will kill you or your family if you don’t comply. Having a gun next to your wallet increases your chances of defeating a violent attacker.

The Scorpion mitigates all of these threats in rugged, portable, convenient case. It has two compartments for various combinations of hardware wallets and a folding pocket knife. The gun compartment can fit subcompact, compact, and standard size pistols, plus two to three magazines.

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