21: Crypto Anarchy Is Physical World Friends – Frank Braun

21: Crypto Anarchy Is Physical World Friends – Frank Braun

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Find likeminded people and build temporary autonomous zones

If you’re a protestor in Hong Kong fighting the Chinese police, how would you set up a mobile 3D printed gun workshop and deliver firearms anonymously to freedom fighters? How would you pay for materials? How would you build a network of trusted people to help you? In this episode we speak with Frank Braun, a “cypherpunk, cryptoanarchist, privacy extremist, and dark net aficionado”. Frank shares three strategies for freedom: Temporary Autonomous Zones, Drop Gangs, and a community of like-minded friends in the real world. We discuss how to apply and combine these with DIY guns and bitcoin, while we still can.


  • Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ): Concept, purpose, and the advantages of using shipping containers
  • Using a TAZ shipping container as gun printing workshop
  • Crypto-Anarchy Tools: The pros and cons of using Keybase for Decentralized IDs, encrypted messaging, file sharing, and GIT
  • Bitcoin for grey market commerce, bounties, and crowdfunding
  • Drop Gangs: The evolution of dark net markets