16: Live Free Or Die With 3D Printed Guns – JStark1809

16: Live Free Or Die With 3D Printed Guns – JStark1809

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Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils

In an age of risk aversion and talkers, JStark1809 stands out as a man taking big risks, working tirelessly to build a gun that can be made at home, almost anywhere in the world, regardless of gun control laws. He calls it the FGC-9. Can you guess what those three letters stand for? JStark is a modern European in an American Revolutionary War general’s body.


  • The story and meaning of “Live free or die – Death is not the worst of evils” said by General John Stark in 1809
  • Europe has an anti-gun culture because of its historically hierarchical society and the emigration of “free men” to America
  • Overview of JStark’s project gun, the FGC-9, “Fuck Gun Control – 9mm”
  • DIY guns are made of a combination of 3D printed components, off the shelf items, and standard gun parts
  • Prospects and importance of DIY ammunition
  • Making a gun barrel with a steel tube and ECM
  • The design and testing process of 3D printed guns, and collaboration using Keybase


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