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3D Printed Firearm World Championship

$600 in bitcoin prize purse! At Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021

We’re excited to host the first ever shooting competition for 3D printed guns, at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021. The conference is only 10 weeks away. Buy Early Bird tickets before they sell out and you’ll save $140 off of the Standard ticket.

The 3D Printed Firearm World Championship contest will have three stages, each utilizing a different aspect of the firearm: accuracy, speed, and reliability.


  • 100% build (barrel and bolt carrier group permitted)
  • 80% build (barrel, bolt carrier group, fire control group, slide/upper)
  • Peoples choice (any submission will qualify entry; however, a vote will decide after the competition which gun was most liked)

The prize money will be $200 in bitcoin for each category, for a total prize purse of $600.

The cost to enter is $25 per category.

The contest will be part of Sunday’s activities, which will include target shooting across three lanes: open, rifles only, and 3D printed.

The championship will be directed by the 3D Firearms Association, started by Austin Black, cofounder of Apostles Firearms Academy, (AFA). The complete set of rules and instructions are available as a downloadable PDF on the event website, under the “Sunday – April 11” section.

To learn more about Austin and his love for shooting competitions and 3D printed guns we asked him four questions.

GNB: What is your experience or achievements with shooting competitions?

AUSTIN: I have been competitive shooting since I was 13 years old (I am now 28). The shooting sport that first caught my attention was Cowboy Action Shooting, which was something I went on to win several state championship titles and one world championship title in 2016. I spent the last 15 years competing in different sports from IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, and 3 Gun matches. Additionally, I have spent several years doing stage designs for these matches.

GNB: Why did you start the 3D Firearms Association?

AUSTIN: After helping host the range portion of last years Guns N’ Bitcoin conference, I quickly realized the creative potential of the designers. I am a big believer in free market capitalism and competition driving performance. With this in mind, I wanted to provide an organization that will help set a more perfect trajectory in the development of 3D printed firearms.

GNB: Why should people enter the 3D Printed Firearms World Championship at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021?

AUSTIN: People should enter the 3D Printed Firearms World Championship 2021 for the chance to showcase their build and its ability, to test themselves, and obviously to win some bitcoin!

GNB: What are you most looking forward to at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021?

AUSTIN: I am excited to be a part of something I believe will be a historic event. There is a beautiful symmetry between cryptocurrency and 3D printed firearms and the liberty both bring. Also, I am absolutely elated to meet again with the wonderful people that this conference attracts.