2: Behind Enemy Lines – A.G. Leaks

2: Behind Enemy Lines – A.G. Leaks

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Don’t respect a system that disrespects you.

Our guest today is “Anti-Gunner Leaks”. He’s goes behind enemy lines to expose and sometimes stop the dirty secret tricks of anti-gun extremists in the media, government, and tech companies. He’s funny, passionate, and loves to fight. If you ever meet him in a bar, buy him a beer. First we talk about “Facebook Gate” when an international group coordinated to take down gun related Facebook groups through click fraud, until A.G. Leaks stopped them. Second, we go inside “The Trace” who claim to be a “non-profit newsroom” but in fact, are a radical left group funded by billionaires. The Trace bullies  large tech companies into suppressing free speech about the 2nd amendment. Third, A.G. Leaks recounts the development of 3D gun printing groups in the post – Cody Wilson era. He shares the high tech tactics they use to route around Silicon Valley’s attempt to sharing files of 3D printed guns. We end with  A.G. sharing inside information on an ATF controversy, and criticism of what he sees as corruption and incompetence.


  • 2:40 “Facebook Gate”
  • 14:01 The Trace
  • 23:53 3D gun printing groups
  • 42:00 ATF corruption and incompetence