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Electric ignited 3D printed .50cal pistol And Tactical Geese

Q&A with SuckBoyTony & Brave The World

Our annual FREEDOM TECHNOLOGY conference Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin is only ten weeks away. Buy Early Bird Tickets while they last and save $140 off of a Standard Ticket. In this week’s newsletter we pose some questions to SuckBoyTony, and Brave The World, two of our many accomplished speakers at #BANB2021.

SuckBoy Tony

SuckBoy Tony is a former explosive ordinance expert in the armed forces. He’s currently a civil engineering student and intern with

GNB: Summarize your BA-50 3D printed gun.

SB Tony: The BA-50 started as a way to prove that 3D printed barrels could work for many rounds. This involved making a custom low-pressure .50cal cartridge, based on my load data it should deliver more energy than a standard 9mm, at about 1/3 the pressure. I am starting to incorporate electronic ignition and solenoids to make it semi-automatic and more reliable.

GNB: What are you most looking forward to at BANB2021?

SB Tony: I am most looking forward to showing off a side project of Atlas Arms that I have been working on. I think people will be extremely excited for it and we should have a prototype working by BANB2021. I am also looking forward to seeing the new designs.

GNB: Why is freedom technology important?

SB Tony: Freedom technology like cryptocurrency, 3D printing, encryption, VPN’s, and the entire DIY mindset, is all about maintaining independence from government control. Due to continuing violations of the U.S Constitution by the U.S government (and lack of protection for free speech and firearm ownership in many other countries), I believe it is extremely important for us to be able to exercise our constitutional rights without government control as was originally intended.

Brave The World

Brave The World is the author of the new book “Thank God For Bitcoin”.

GNB: What are some things you do in real life to help you and your family be more sovereign, safe, and happy?

Brave The World: We buy land. We have babies. We can protect ourselves. We don’t hold fiat.  Gardening and petting geese also helps.

GNB: Why is freedom technology important?

Brave The World: Many intelligent people, including one I trusted with such subjects, predicted that post Biden we will see a simmering down of events. The most radical left factions will no longer have an enemy, and the fight, in general will cease. Everyone will have peace, and more importantly, time. Well…that has not happened. Things seem to be escalating. The government is going after the speech of people who supported the previous president. It does not feel safe to talk publicly about politics unless you fit into the accepted narrative. Technology needs to continue to offer us private means of speech or else we will be silenced. 

GNB: What are you most looking forward to at BANB2021?

Brave The World: Hanging out with awesome people.

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The Navy SEAL of Money, KYC-Free Bitcoin

Q&A with Diverter – Featured Presenter at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021

Our annual freedom technology conference Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin is only eleven weeks away. In this week’s newsletter we pose some questions to one of our many accomplished speakers, Diverter. He wrote Mining for the Streets – Simple Guide for Acquiring Bitcoin Without KYC/AML Using ASIC Mining”.

GNB: What are the dangers of acquiring bitcoin with third parties who must comply with KYC/AML regulations?

Diverter: The dangers of bending to the will of regulators enforcing KYC/AML on Bitcoin users are readily apparent—Registration leads to confiscation. Nick Szabo’s legendary assertion that “trusted third parties are security holes” is more than just some quaint adage. It is a mantra.

Bitcoin protects your identity by default at the protocol layer. However, the baked-in pseudonymity offered is completely destroyed once you submit your name, SSN, DOB, and selfie to a crypto exchange. Now your identity is attached to financial transactions, visible to the entire world, and etched into the blockchain for as long as bitcoin exists. I’m not sure about you, but as for myself, I would rather not have 100% deterministic links visible to everyone showing I made a donation to fund development of a “ghost gun” (or whatever scary word they’ll use) for all time, especially knowing the incoming administration’s stance on guns.

There’s a fine, and often blurry, line between being brave and being stupid. It isn’t my fear of these agencies leading me to hide my bitcoin identity; it is my identity being hidden which is leading me to be fearless in the face of upcoming challenges.

GNB: What are you doing to help people acquire bitcoin without KYC/AML?

Diverter: I would like to think I have helped people at least begin to think more about the amount of their identity they are willing to reveal just to participate in a “permissionless” network. With so much data collection around us everyday, it can become quite normalized. Recognition of the problem is a huge first step that I strive to get out there.

In practice, I have had several people contact me on various platforms seeking more information; whether that be helping people get started mining and choosing the right miner or pool for them, or others just looking for peer-to-peer exchanges to use so they can avoid these invasive regulations. These “other” exchanges will never receive the same kind of media push as the likes of Coinbase, and so they’ll likely never have equal liquidity or recognition. But the other thing they’ll never have which Coinbase does is active contracts with the DEA, IRS, and Secret Service to track the bitcoin usage of their customers.

The choice between privacy and convenience becomes much easier to make once you fully realize what is at stake. I have spent countless hours helping guide users toward methods of bitcoin acquisition which empower them, not regulators. I’m not getting the least bit tired of doing it, either.

GNB: What are you most looking forward to at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin?

Diverter: Easily the thing I most look forward to at BANB2021 is the personal interaction with like-minded and curious individuals. It is amazing to see how many others feel just as strongly about freedom and the technology we can use to protect it as I do.

The Guns ‘n Bitcoin team, along with their amazing sponsors, did a wonderful job last year of allowing everyone to decide for themselves how much (or how little) they wanted to reveal to others. This didn’t hinder interaction or participation at all; rather, it enabled a comfortable, safe, welcoming environment for everyone. I know things will only improve as this conference grows and ages.

It is virtually guaranteed you will be able to learn more about both bitcoin and guns from the terrific list of presenters, and for that I’m grateful. But not nearly as grateful as I am for the chance to shake the hands of fellow freedom enthusiasts from all walks of life, and to make connections that will last far longer than two days.