30: Privacy In eCommerce Via Bitcoin – Josh Humphrey

30: Privacy In eCommerce Via Bitcoin – Josh Humphrey

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Your Privacy is Not Guaranteed Online

“In today’s world of cancel culture, doxxing, and collusion between tech companies and government agencies to harass and interfere with businesses that offend their delicate sensibilities, there is a need for the ability to conduct online business in a way that protects the privacy of the business, its employees, suppliers and customers”. Today we speak with Josh Humphrey, the author of a primer on financial resilience and online privacy using freedom tech.

He shares his seven points from the primer: 1) The outrage mob wants to destroy anything of controversy or good humor. 2) Don’t put your real name on anything. 3) Pay with Bitcoin. 4) Only accept Bitcoin (Use BTCPayServer). 5) Use Nyms and PO boxes. 6) Encourage and use mixing technologies. 7) Educate your customers.