10: No Control of 3D Guns – Jessica Solce

10: No Control of 3D Guns – Jessica Solce

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Whose rights are we protecting?

Jessica Solce is the Director, Producer, and Co-Editor of No Control, a highly acclaimed documentary about Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed’s efforts to unleash 3D printed guns upon the world. In this episode we discuss the film and connect to the present state of 3D printed guns and the various hydras that have spawned from the government clampdown on Defense Distributed.


  • Backstory and reactions to the film
  • The wisdom and dangers of Cody Wilson’s tactics
  • The Wiki Weapon as a political instrument
  • Why the two sides of the gun debate will never agree
  • Distribution of knowledge of how to build a gun – not the physical object
  • Financial deplatforming of Defense Distributed and other gun organizations
  • Decentralization of 3D gun printing groups
  • Defense Distributed from 2015 to present