14: The Gift Of Bitcoin And Prudence – Cory Klippsten

14: The Gift Of Bitcoin And Prudence – Cory Klippsten

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Increase the value of bitcoin by education, time, and giving

Giving bitcoin with a tandem of strategy of education + timelocks increases the chance of successful investing and adoption. This episode features Cory Klippsten, the Founder of GiveBitcoin, a company that allows you to “Buy Bitcoin for friends and family, timelock it, and we’ll teach ’em what they need to know”.


  • The gift that people most want to receive is either something thoughtful, or money. With Bitcoin, you can give both.
  • How does bitcoin compare to other things, such as a savings bond, assets held in a trust.
  • Does a person’s financial situation make bitcoin a poor fit? Or a better fit?
  • Chicken and egg – need education to appreciate bitcoin, but need bitcoin as skin in the game to care about learning about bitcoin.
  • Could bitcoin be a bad gift? What if given at top of a market is bitcoin is unlocked at bottom of market?