5: Come And Print It – Ivan The Troll

5: Come And Print It – Ivan The Troll

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3D printing makes it cheaper and easier to make your own gun.

This episode is one a lot of our gun listeners have been waiting for. Today we speak with a man known only as “Ivan The Troll”. He has emerged as one of the most prolific, innovative, and controversial members of Deterrence Dispensed, a decentralized 3D gun printing group built in the image of Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed. Multiple social media companies have banned him from their platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and Facebook. In response, he and other members of Deterrence Dispensed have migrated to encrypted chat and file sharing applications. Ironically, these apps have enabled greater innovation, testing, and sharing of 3D printed guns and files.


  • Free speech protects 3D gun printing files, 1st Amendment protects the 2nd Amendment
  • History of homemade and DIY weapons
  • How 3D printing can accelerate total gun control and why that’s a good thing
  • Three categories of 3D printed guns
  • Making 3D printed gun plans for Europeans and Californians
  • Past and present of 3D printed AR-15s and Glocks
  • Why 3D printed gun magazines are important
  • Future goals of 3D printed guns
  • Getting started and supporting 3D gun printing