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Q&A with Jeff Rodriguez, inventor of the #12K Liberator platform

Our annual conference, Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin, taking place April 10th and 11th in Austin, Texas will feature the most innovative doers in freedom technology. In this week’s newsletter we talk with one of these experts, Jeff Rodriguez AKA BigTanGingo.

Liberator12k ZigZagRevolver Blast Shield Testing

GNB: Please summarize your 12K Liberator shotgun/platform.

JEFF: I started the #Liberator12k project to improve on the slamfire 12 gauge pipe shotgun. To make ejection easy and give it a trigger – so I made a break-action pipe shotgun. The project grew to include a pump revolver and a few other “exhibition” guns that use factory gun parts.

I’ve conquered most angles of gun control, at least in demonstration: World’s first printed cartridges, first 3D printed ECM rifling for DIY barrels, DIY nitric acid for smokeless powder, and electronic primers, there’s a whole list on the website. I open sourced and publicly documented these advancements so others in the community can carried some of that work forward into detailed instructions for things like the Deterrence Dispensed FGC9.

At SHOT Show with 12K Liberator shotgun

GNB: What are the advantages of the Liberator12k design over a traditional one of the same caliber or type?

JEFF: With regard to the ZigZag Revolver, the action is extremely simple and most of the parts are big and chunky, making it unlikely to jam. It’s also reasonably easy to DIY, although the tools and skills required for a 12 gauge revolver are higher than, say, a break-action. In all honesty, a factory-made pump shotgun is still better, if you can get one. But they’re plain and boring range toys. Another one of my ‘exhibition’ designs, BARBB (Bolt Action AR Barrel Bullpup) was designed to be an ultra-lightweight single-shot hunting rifle.

GNB: What are you most looking forward to at Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2021?

JEFF: I’m looking forward to meeting the other designers pushing the envelope of DIY guns. It’s also great to hear from people who’ve been following my work over the years, so stop by and say hello!