8: BitcoinGun Lawyer Part II

8: BitcoinGun Lawyer Part II

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Legal strategies to prevent bad guys from seizing your bitcoin

In part II of the BitcoinGun Lawyer episode we start with a quick discussion on 3D gun printing and the 2nd Amendment. We then spend the remainder of time delving into the criminal, civil, and tax issues with bitcoin. We discuss the legal strategies and pitfalls as well as services to reduce your risks and improve your privacy.


  • How 3D printed guns fit into existing laws
  • When does the 1st and 2nd Amendments protect and not protect software and sharing 3D gun files
  • How Satoshi Nakamoto protected himself from potential legal issues
  • How your bitcoin can be seized if you lose a lawsuit, starting with a Debtor’s Examination
  • Civil versus criminal contempt of court if you refuse to give up your bitcoin private keys
  • Strategies to protect your bitcoin using trusts, LLCs, and pre-nuptial agreements
  • Power of the government to seize your bitcoin
  • Pros and cons of acquiring bitcoin via buying it on exchange, versus from a friend versus earning it in your business
  • Reducing legal risks by using peer to peer, non-custodial bitcoin services
  • How to prove you’re Satoshi Nakamoto in court