3: Update Your Philosophy – Julia Tourianski

3: Update Your Philosophy – Julia Tourianski

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Being left alone is not enough, update your philosophy libertarians.

If you don’t laugh, or aren’t offended by at least one remark by today’s guest, you’re not listening close enough. Julia Tourianski, known as “Brave The World” and “Your Hydra” is a provocateur, early bitcoiner, a “trad life” mother and wife, a deep broad thinker with a sharp wit. In this episode we take quick dives into deep topics.


  • 4:04 The individual vs society
  • 7:10 Guns level the playing field
  • 11:33 Evolution explains why most women are anti-gun
  • 17:38 Crossover of bitcoin and guns
  • 18:30 Evolution of views on bitcoin
  • 23:40 The “Trad life”
  • 26:35 The fight of “women in Bitcoin”
  • 30:50 Overlap of Bitcoin and family
  • 30:52 Why the State is God for atheists
  • 35:49 Bitcoin and religion